Thursday, April 23, 2009

“Like Trying To Eat a Sandwich Through a Venetian Blind”

Bottom Feeder recently designed a poster for a series of joint performances by singer-songwriter Kate Schrock and her father, Pulitzer-nominated novelist / playwright / essayist Gladden Schrock. Some of the most delightfully epic client feedback we've ever received is re-printed below:

“Better, yes. Heading in the right direction. Shall know more clearly when I see just where the top-edge of poster sets its crop (re: overall balance and critical info parsing). I do miss a touch of color… to nudge it a mite away from the full cerebral.

(Doing this three-way with me at a hidden distance is a little like trying to eat a sandwich through a venetian blind).

Looking forward to Sunday Morning.
Gladden S.”

*The final poster was in color.

For more info’ on the performances, go to